Surviving Pulse – Life after a mass shooting

Key Words:

Pulse, Massacre, LGBTQ, Victims, Survival, Love, Documentary, #WeExist

Log Line:

Pulse Nightclub was a safe-haven for the LGBTQ community and was turned upside down with terror and 49 lives were lost. Documentary based on survival, struggle and Love.


On June 12th, Pulse Nightclub was hopping with happy club goers until the unthinkable happened, a terrorist attack affecting hundreds of people and taking 49 lives. This attack would be known as the largest LGBTQ massacre in US history. We are bringing you these stories of some of the survivors who haven’t had the opportunity to tell their accounts of that night.

Our documentary has exclusive interviews with survivors and victims families talking about how Pulse Nightclub was a safe place for the LGBTQ community. A place where everyone was family and patrons could be themselves. In a world of judgement and discrimination, we find that Pulse was their safe haven to not be judged for their sexuality and/or by their race.

Our survivors have finally reached the point where they want to talk. You will hear their traumatic stories and how they are true heroes in the wake of the tragedy at Pulse. We will talk about lost loved ones, and the physical and emotional impact endured by each one of them. They will discuss how their lives are different now, and how they are fighting to bring the LGBTQ community back together as a whole and return it to the family it once was. We will touch base on forgiveness and if they can find that in their hearts. The biggest obstacle society has as a whole is blindly judging and labeling things we do not understand, and subjectively putting people within in the confines of those labels. People are people, no matter their ethnicity or their sexual preference. One final question will have to be asked, “Will time heal all wounds or just some of them?”